Download (Wada et al)

Wada, T., Hironaka, K., Wataya, M., Fujii, M., Eto, M., Uda, S., Hoshino, D., Kunida, K., Inoue, H., Kubota, H., Takizawa, T., Karasawa, Y., Nakatomi H., Saito N., Hamaguchi, H., Furuichi, Y., Manabe, Y., Fujii, N.L., & Kuroda, S. (2020). Single-Cell Information Analysis Reveals That Skeletal Muscles Incorporate Cell-to-Cell Variability as Information Not Noise. Cell Reports, 32(9), 108051.

Experimental data and source codes

The link contains the following files.
1) Experimental data of C2C12 calcium images and single-fiber contraction movies
2) csv files including the results of analysis
3) Python source codes and Jupyter notebooks for image and mathematical analysis