11/Apr/2019 @ Science Building 3, University of Tokyo


Current Members


Professor: Shinya Kuroda
skuroda AT
Research Associate: Satoshi Ohno
(Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory)
s-ohno AT
My research interest is mathematical analysis of cellular metabolism to understand its complicated regulations and to apply it to engineering fields.
Project Research Associate: Ken-ichi Hironaka
khironaka AT
I’m interested in promoting better understanding of life phenomena by constructing a mathematical model. Organisms that have undergone a long evolutionary history should be designed to be “adaptive” in some sense. It is my goal to unravel this design principle.
Project Research Associate: Toshiya Kokaji
kokaji AT
Project Research Associate: Keigo Morita
kmorita AT
Project Research Associate: Takumi Wada
wada AT
Joint Research Fellow : Miharu Sato
miharu AT
Technician: Risa Kuribayashi
kuri AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Riku Egami
egami AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Akira Terakawa
terakawa AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Suguru Fujita
sfujita AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Saori Uematsu
suematsu AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Peter Pan
yfpan AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Yunfan Bai
yfbai AT
I am interested in integrating different omic layers to answer three questions: After the stimulations, What will happen? How will it happen? And how will it influence our body?
Master Course Student: Yosuke Okuwaki
y.okuwaki AT
Master Course Student: Yuka Nakamura
ynakamura AT
Master Course Student: Mikoto Takahashi
mtakahashi AT
Master Course Student: Mio Shudo
shudo AT
Master Course Student: Hideki Maehara
hmaehara AT
Undergraduate Student: Kota Iwano
Undergraduate Student: Toshinori Ohyama
Undergraduate Student (Chiba Univ.): Tomohiro Ogino
fhirunaka0506252 AT

Visiting Researchers