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Current Members


Professor: Shinya Kuroda
skuroda AT
Research Associate: Satoshi Ohno
(Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory)
s-ohno AT
My research interest is mathematical analysis of cellular metabolism to understand its complicated regulations and to apply it to engineering fields.
Project Research Associate: Ken-ichi Hironaka
(and a researcher of Knowledge Palette, Inc.)
khironaka AT
I’m interested in promoting better understanding of life phenomena by constructing a mathematical model. Organisms that have undergone a long evolutionary history should be designed to be “adaptive” in some sense. It is my goal to unravel this design principle.
Project Research Associate: Keigo Morita
kmorita AT
Joint Research Fellow : Miharu Sato
miharu AT
Technician: Risa Kuribayashi
kuri AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Akira Terakawa
terakawa AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Suguru Fujita
sfujita AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Saori Uematsu
suematsu AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Yifei Pan
yfpan AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Yunfan Bai
yfbai AT
I am interested in integrating different omic layers to answer three questions: After the stimulations, What will happen? How will it happen? And how will it influence our body?
Ph.D. Candidate: Tomohiro Ogino
tomogino AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Hikaru Sugimoto
sugimoto-hikaru AT
Master Course Student: Hideki Maehara
hmaehara AT
Master Course Student: Li Dongzi
Biology has always fascinated me ever since I was in primary school. The pursuit of the truth of life drove me to explore various fields of biology. But after years of experience in wet labs, I came to realize the limitation of traditional methods. On the other hand, omic study can provide new insights into the mystery of human diseases, and its power still grows as technology advances. Hopefully, armed with this new tool, I can make a contribution in this field!
Master Course Student: Takumi Abekawa
abekawa AT
Master Course Student: Zhan Chuchu
zhanchuchu AT
It is brand-new to understand the activities of insulin and its signaling molecules from a systematic perspective. This can build a bridge for researchers to cross the layers and embrace deeper understandings of related fields. Enthusiasm and hard work are the materials for me to build that bridge.
Master Course Student: Yujin Mori
m-yujin AT
Master Course Student: Yuta Nakatsuka
ynakatsuka AT
Master Course Student: Yiran Wang
alan-wang AT
It’s attractive to learn about the systematic mechanism of the creatures. It has similarities with programming but is much more vivid and meaningful from my perspective. I am a beginner at biology but will try my best to challenge further progress.
Undergraduate: Mikio Imai
Undergraduate: Mitsuhiro Nakayama
Visiting student: Tatsumi Yoshida
(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Visiting student: Yuki Arisato
(Facalty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)
Visiting student: Ryu Takayanagi
(Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo)

Visiting Researchers