4/Apr/2023 @Univ. of Tokyo


Current Members


Professor: Shinya Kuroda
skuroda AT
Research Associate: Keigo Morita
kmorita AT
Project Research Associate: Takayuki Ohara
taka-ohara AT
I am interested in biological rhythms. I like to examine timeseries data and to build a mathematical model.
Project Research Associate: Ryuhei Nagata
nagata.ryuhei AT
Project Research Associate: Masaki Shirai
mshirai AT
Why are there individual differences even in the same species? This question led me to become a researcher. I would like to learn the wonders of systems biology and connect them to interesting researches.
Project Research Associate: Satori Kowashi
kowashi AT
I was developing optical devices for biological applications. I sincerely hope that I will be able to understand the mechanism of metabolic and signaling networks from both experimental and theoretical points of view.
Project Research Associate: Emiri Watanabe
watanabe-emiri AT
Project Research Associate: Yunfan Bai
priscilla AT
I am interested in integrating different omic layers to answer three questions: After the stimulations, What will happen? How will it happen? And how will it influence our body?
Project Academic Specialist : Miharu Sato
miharu AT
Technical Assistant : Kana Suzuki
suzuki-kana AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Yifei Pan
yfpan95 AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Tomohiro Ogino
tomogino AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Hikaru Sugimoto
sugimoto-hikaru AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Hideki Maehara
hmaehara AT
Ph.D. Candidate: Li Dongzi
Biology has always fascinated me ever since I was in primary school. The pursuit of the truth of life drove me to explore various fields of biology. But after years of experience in wet labs, I came to realize the limitation of traditional methods. On the other hand, omic study can provide new insights into the mystery of human diseases, and its power still grows as technology advances. Hopefully, armed with this new tool, I can make a contribution in this field!
Ph.D. Candidate: Takumi Abekawa
abekawa AT
Master Course Student: Yuta Nakatsuka
ynakatsuka AT
Master Course Student: Mikio Imai
imai-mikio99 AT
Master Course Student: Ryu Takayanagi
takayanagi-ryu131 AT
Master Course Student: Akari Itoh
itoh-akari376 AT
Visiting student: Tatsumi Yoshida
(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Visiting student: Yuki Arisato
(Facalty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)
Visiting student: Makaski Sugimoto
(Facalty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
Visiting student: Yamato Keidai
(Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)

Current Visiting Researchers

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Previous Members


  • Asuka Honji (AstraZeneca K.K., E-mail: asukahonji6414 AT
  • Mitsuhiro Nakayama
  • Iyoda Yudai


  • Yiran Wang (E-mail: yiranalladin AT
  • Suguru Fujita (Department of Biotechnology, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo, Research Associate, E-mail: fujita-suguru045 AT
  • Zhan Chuchu (E-mail: cc_zhan AT
  • Yujin Mori (Nomura Research Institute)


  • Satoshi Ohno (Department of AI Systems Medicine, M&D Data Science Center, Tokyo Medical and Dental University[TMDU], Lecturer, E-mail: s-ohno.dsc AT