iScience, a new interdisciplinary journal by Cell Press

Dr.  Dorota Badowska

Scientific Editor, iScience, Cell Press


Interdisciplinary research has a great potential to advance science, but faces many specific challenges. Among them, finding the right place to publish interdisciplinary findings can be challenging. To promote and increase the visibility of interdisciplinary research, Cell Press launched iScience, a new open access journal that aims to fill this gap. Dorota Badowska, an iScience editor, will present the scope and the goals of the journal and explain how manuscripts are processed from submission till publication.

Date: Sep 3, 2019 (Tue) 17:00—18:30
Place: Faculty of Science Bldg.3, 4F, room 412
Host: Shinya Kuroda (skuroda AT bs.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp)