In retrospect of the past six weeks in Kuroda Lab, I have really learnt quite a lot in conducting biological experiments, especially in doing cell stimulation. As a mathematical and physical background student, those things are quite new to me and I felt excited to learn it. Even though it might seem to be challenging to me at first, under the patient and meticulous instruction of lab mates, I felt at ease in completing all those experiments.

   In Kuroda Lab, lab members, including all professors, post-docs, PHDs and masters came from different specific areas; different skills are used in the lab including wet experimental skills and also computational experimental skills. Actually, I learnt many things and shared many ideas by chatting with our lab mates. I was always enjoying talking with those talented lab mates and having fun with them.

   In all, Kuroda Lab is exactly a place worthy to apply. I always cherished every minutes in Kuroda Lab and in Tokyo. Life in Japan is intensive sometimes but happy. Days in Kuroda Lab will be one of my best memories in my life.

Davis Yunlong Liu

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Kuroda Laboratory, The University of Tokyo